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Plasma Reaxion 2Welcome to the game "Plasma Reaxion 2".

This is meditative game, where your goal is to make the first explosion, start a chain reaction, blow up the whole plasma and get maximum scores and pleasure.

The game has a hidden bonus - now, if you destroy the plasma above the norm, during your first shot increases.
Controls is simple - just press the left mouse button over the field to start the chain reaction.
Enjoy the game!

Currently, the game offered for auction on the site FGL (http://www.flashgamelicense.com/view_game.php?game_id=14431) and so is temporarily unavailable.

Просмотров: 2236 | Добавил: admin | Дата: 22.10.2010 | Комментарии (18)

Blow up the whole plasma. Start a chain reaction and get the maximum scores. Finish all levels to submit your highscore!

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 Dice Crush is a turn-based strategy game. Using nothing but dice and a randomly generated territory map, the game is similar in gameplay to that of the board game, Risk, though much simpler and quicker to play. The objective is to conquer all territories and eliminate all your opponents by attacking them with dice.

Просмотров: 525 | Добавил: admin | Дата: 12.08.2010 | Комментарии (1)

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